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    Belgian Monarchy will cost taxpayers 36 million euros in 2015


    In 2015, the Belgian government will spend 36 million euros on maintaining the Belgian royal family. Last Wednesday, Le Soir newspaper revealed that 2.7 million euros less would be spent compared to 2014. Until last year, it was impossible to accurately determine how much the Belgian royal family cost its government.   

    But, since the reforms decreed by the Di Rupo Government back in 2013, royal expenditure has all been grouped under the same ledger heading. Now that costs are more transparent, it is clear that allowances don’t make up most of the royal costs – far from it. Actually, in 2015, they will be set to 13,776,000 euros.

    The largest share is spent on the Federal Police, which funds the Palace Security Detachment: 15,471,000 euros per year.

    2015 will be a year of austerity for the royal family, too. Next year, 2.7 million euros less will be spent on the Palace, compared to 2014.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)