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    Ores launches SMS-based alert system for power cuts


    Ores is a public utility responsible for managing and operating power systems for 75% of the Walloon population. From Friday November 28th onwards, it will offer an SMS-based service designed to alert its customers.

    In case of an electricity shortage threat – and provided they previously signed up for them on the Ores website: – individuals and businesses will receive SMS alerts. These SMS will be sent seven days before the planned power cut, the day before the power cut, and then again  when power supply is restored.

    Ores supports the federal government’s “Off On” campaign and aims to give its customers regular updates on the planned power cut schedule and keep them informed about their own, current situation in the network. On-line registered Ores customers will be able to know in which power outage area they are located. 

    They will receive an SMS at three key moments: seven days before the possible power outage, the day before, and then, if the planned power cut occurs, when supply is restored to their locality.   

    Ores operates a 50,000-km network and supplies gas and electricity to 2.8 million people in Wallonia. It claims to be the only company with a database accurate enough to enable them to determine, in real time, which client is located in which power outage area.

    In an effort to encourage its customers to reduce their consumption, and thus, limit electricity shortage threats, Belgian green energy supplier Lampiris also launched an SMS-based alert service. It will be testing it on Thursday evening.  

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)