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    Over 200 youths target police after Standard-Feyenoord game


    Important outbursts of violence took place on Thursday after the match between Standard and Feyenoord, reported Liege police on Friday. 200 to 300 young football fans supporting the “Rouches” assaulted the police force. 16 officers were injured. Fearing retaliation from Dutch supporters after fights were initiated in the stands by Liege supporters during the away match, police had implemented a safety plan on Thursday evening for the return match between Standard and Feyenoord.

    In the end, the problem was not the Dutch, but the Liege fans. In probable frustration at not being able to ambush Rotterdam supporters who were able to get to the stadium via a well-managed access plan, 200 to 300 youths assaulted police officers instead.

    Aged 16 to 20, the youths were previously unknown to the police force so are unlikely to be part of the hard core of Standard fans.

    After the game was over, they congregated around the stadium and were driven away towards streets where tramway work is currently underway, giving the youths fences, signals, stones, and chunks of concrete as ammunition to throw at the policemen.

    16 policemen and one dog from the canine unit were injured. 6 vehicles were seriously damaged.

    The police force used water cannons and tear gas, and asked for back up from the mounted brigade.

    26 people were arrested and video recordings are being studied to identify those responsible and to issue warrants.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)