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    “Thorough stop checks” done by police everywhere in Belgium


    The police have been performing “thorough stop checks” on highways everywhere in Belgium since 7am on Tuesday. This action is supported by the Communal Syndicate Front (SLFP Police, SNPS, CSC Police and CGSP). It is being done locally by police regional services and should continue until the 8.30am rush hour, says Jérome Aoust, national secretary of the SNPS. The stop checks will be done on the main roads at Namur, Limburg in Liège, Zaventem, and around Brussels airport. The initial objective is to look at “main highways” like national roads, motorways, railways, airports, ports….

    “It is possible that these stop checks will cause traffic jams and bother drivers, but we are only doing our jobs. We are keeping them safe by putting ourselves at risk”, says the Syndicate in a press release.

    The Communal Syndicate Front considers they have not yet been heard concerning police pensions. It is protesting the suppression of pre-pension rights for ex-gendarmerie agents aged between 54 and 58 years old. It is the consequence of a bill by the Constitutional Court.

    The syndical organizations are waiting to continue discussions with the authorities. The group was put together to find a solution on this issue and has not made any progress since mid-November.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)