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    The Ebola epidemic is not a valid reason to be granted asylum


    The Foreign Litigation Council has rejected the application of a Guinean who gave the Ebola epidemic being present in his country as a reason to be granted asylum in Belgium. This was reported by De Standaard and Het Nieusblad on Tuesday. The refugee arrived in Belgium in mid-September and said that he feared for his life in Guinea following a political discussion with a member of another tribe. The Commissioner-General for Refugees and Stateless persons rejected his application due to its incoherence.

    Two months later, the man submitted a new asylum request, stating the Ebola epidemic ravaging his country. The Foreign Litigation Council also threw out this argument, following a declaration by the Commissioner-General. He said that the presence of a disease in a country alone is not reason for asylum.

    The State Secretary for Asylum and Immigration Theo Francken said he understood this decision. “It would not be good to recognize Ebola as a valid reason for asylum”.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)