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    Charlie Hebdo – next issue on sale in Belgium on Thursday


    The latest issue of Charlie Hebdo will go on sale in Belgium on Thursday, confirms Prodipresse (association of press distributors) on Tuesday. “The new issue will be available in France on Wednesday, but in Belgium, it always comes out on Thursdays,” explained Christophe Michel (deputy manager of the association) to Belga. Some bookstores close to the border will try to get copies from their French colleagues as early as Wednesday, according to Prodipresse. “Other bookstores, who pick up their copies directly at the distributor’s (AMP) will find the new issue is available from 2:00am or 3:00am on Thursday morning. The other bookstores supplied by AMP will have to wait until later on Thursday morning to get delivery of the new issue of Charlie Hebdo,” explains Mr. Michel.

    In total, 3 million copies of Wednesday’s issue will go to print, instead of the one million initially planned, announced MLP (Messageries lyonnaises de presse), the weekly’s distributor, which is overwhelmed with orders from France and from abroad, on Monday.

    “We are getting many calls from our affiliates asking for more copies. Given the increased print runs in France, we hope 60,000 extra copies will be sent to Belgium. But we have yet to receive figures from Paris.” Prodipresse was told on Monday that Belgium would receive only 20,000 copies, instead of the 80,000 they had requested.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)