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    Charlie Hebdo available in 2 750 outlets in Belgium


    Belgium will get a minimum of 40,000 copies of Charlie Hebdo, which will be available in 2,750 outlets from Thursday. The press distributor AMP confirmed this in a press release on Wednesday evening. The increase in copies available in Belgium is due to the total number of copies printed being raised to 5 million.
    A first wave of 20,000 copies will be on sale from Thursday at the usual 750 outlets. 10,000 will be available from Friday, at the usual outlets and 2,000 extra outlets selected based on the number of requests, said the AMP.

    A third wave will be delivered on Saturday the 17th of January. “The quantity is yet to be confirmed, but we are expecting at least 10,000 copies”, said the distributor.

    “The demand is much higher than the supply, so the number of copies available per outlet could be very limited. Normally, around 2,000 copies of Charlie Hebdo are delivered to 750 outlets every week in Belgium”, the AMP said.

    The distributor added the sale of French newspapers in Belgium has doubled since the 7th of January, and the printing of and sale of Belgian newspapers has also shot up (+30%).

    Charlie Hebdo, which normally prints 60,000 copies, will exceptionally print 5 million copies over the next few days. 

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)