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    Drink-driving Antwerp commissioner back at work


    Chief Commissioner Glenn Verspeet from the Antwerp police force has officially returned to his duties as deputy Chief, after being involved in a traffic accident whilst under the influence of alcohol at the beginning of 2014, reveal local police authorities on Friday. Chief Serge Muyters thinks his deputy should be given a “second chance”, after his penal and disciplinary sanctions. Glenn Verspeet hit an oncoming vehicle last year, fortunately causing only material damage.  The Chief Commissioner was not on duty at the time of the accident. When he was breathalysed he was found to be over the limit. The Chief Commissioner had temporarily surrendered his title of deputy Chief to his superior while the case was being dealt with internally and by the courts. However he continued to work as an aide to the Chief of police.

    Glenn Verspeet received a fine and a driving ban by the police court. The case was also reviewed internally. In 2011, Glenn Verspeet had already surrendered his previous title of Section Chief at the local research department after the suicide of one of his colleagues. He felt he no longer had enough support from the team. Unions criticised him in particular for overloading colleagues with work and mismanaging the department. He nevertheless continued to work for Antwerp police.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)