“C’est du Belge” programme changes format for 10th anniversary
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    “C’est du Belge” programme changes format for 10th anniversary

    Gerald Watelet, who hosts “C’est du Belge” (Pure Belgian), the programme focussing on Belgian prestige and excellence, revealed the new format for the RTBF show on the eve of its 10th anniversary. The concept of a programme to promote Belgium remains the same. Royalty will represent 30% of content as before. A press review highlighting events of the royal week will be added. Visual style, music and opening theme tune have all been revisited. Gerald Watelet will host the show on his own and from his own home.

    “We decided to make the programme more committed and more energetic by focussing on prestigious subjects and exceptional places. We are heading for more prestigious surroundings. This is what “C’est du Belge” was like at first, and less so more recently,” explains the host. “We want to take the viewer to places he or she would never go, which are not always open to the public, or to incredible parties and celebrations. Excepting a few special shows, I will host the programme from my flat, to create this “homey”, “intimate” feeling. We plan to have guests to introduce subjects, comments or news in Brussels, for example an actor who might come to promote the play he is in. We want to foster the idea of getting together at home on a Friday night.”

    The first episode of the new series will go on air on the eve of Valentine’s Day. There will be an item on the 15th wedding anniversary of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, and a story on Belgian painter Thierry Poncelet, made famous by his “Aristochiens” (Aristodogs), family portraits transformed by the introduction of dog features.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)