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    Legion d’Honneur awarded to American veteran in Belgium

    The French embassy in Belgium awarded Selgio A. Moirano, an American veteran who took part in the  D-day landings in Normandy and in the battle of the Ardennes when he was just 20 years old, the most prestigious French honours (the insignia of Chevalier de la Legion d’honneur), revealed the French embassy in a press release on Friday. Born June 6th, 1924, Selgio was drafted in 1942. He took part in the North Africa campaign, the Normandy landings with the 90th infantry division on June 6th, 1944, and the battle of the Ardennes from December 16th, 1944. Injured several times, he was incorporated in the 518th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance and made metal parts in Liege, revealed the embassy.

    After marrying a Belgian woman, Selgio went back to the United States and settled down in New Jersey from 1950 to 1972, before returning to Belgium with his wife and ending his career working for Thiry in Huy.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)