“Uplace centre likely to increase cancer risk for residents”
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    “Uplace centre likely to increase cancer risk for residents”

    The Uplace shopping mall may well damage residents’ health, according to De Morgen’s Thursday edition, reporting on a study by experts. No less than 42,218 people residing in Vilvorde or Machelen will breathe in more fine particulate matter than currently because of the extra traffic resulting from the presence of the shopping centre. This will increase the risk of suffering from cancer or heart disease, according to the study.

    “We can already see a high mortality rate in this area because of fine particles. Extra traffic here will only increase health hazards,” according to the expert Mark Carpels.

    Calculations reveal the number of airborne fine particles around the Uplace centre might increase by 0.1 milligrams per square metre, which is enough to increase instances of lung cancers by 0.08% and of cardiovascular diseases by 0.06%.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)