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    Weather – dry on Tuesday and Wednesday before a rainy period


    The weather will be dry, and we will have some clear spells on Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be more and more clouds as the week progresses, and there is a risk of rain. It will be very cloudy in the East of the country on Tuesday, and it could rain. The weather will be dry on the coast and in the West. There will be progressively more clear spells. The north-westerly wind will be light to moderate. The maximum temperature will be 3° on the Hautes Fagnes, and around 7° elsewhere. During the evening and night, it will be dry with clear spells. The wind will die down, and fog might form. The temperature will fall to around -3°.

    On Wednesday morning, there will be mist or fog in various places. The sun will make an appearance, and it will remain dry. The wind will be light to moderate, varying between South and West. The temperature will not rise above 7°. The following night will be clear but cold, falling to around -5°.

    On Thursday, it will be dry and bright. There will be more clouds at the end of the afternoon on the coast and in the West. The weather will be changeable from Friday to the middle of next week. It will be very cloudy, and rain is forecast. During the day, the temperature will be around 7°.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)