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    More and more burn-outs in the police


    More and more police officers are seeking psychological or psychosocial help, according to the police “stress team”, Le Soir wrote on Tuesday. Although the number of cases of depression has not gone up, cases of burn-out have, according to Corrine Vanderberghe, a psychologist and head of the stress team. Last year, 373 officers asked for psychological help (compared to 226 in 2013) and 3,158 asked for psychosocial help (compared to 2,075 in 2013).

    Psychologists explain burn-out in police officers by a combination of factors. “We already ask a lot of our officers, and they are asked for more and more. They use a lot of energy doing what they require of themselves, and what their employer requires. They tire out without being able to do it all”.

    However, Mrs Vandenberghe doesn’t agree that an increase in officers meeting with the stress team means officers are worse-off. “They know us better and better, and therefore come to us more often on a whim”, she explains.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)