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    Isabelle Weykmans resigns as chair of the Eupen section of PFF


    German-speaking minister Isabelle Weykmans is resigning from the presidency of the Eupen section of PFF (regional liberal political party in the German-speaking community of Belgium), according to the news website Ostbelgiendirekt. Isabelle Weykmans, minister for Employment, Culture and Tourism, amongst other attributions, will no longer chair the Eupen section of the liberal party PFF, a seat she was twice elected to.

    In an interview she gave to Ostbelgiendirekt, the minister explained that there were no disagreements leading to her decision but rather a lack of time in order to fulfil the role, due to the extra responsibilities given to her as part of her ministerial duties

    Consequenctly, Isabelle Weykmans decided to leave the post to younger members of the party. The new president will be voted in next month.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)