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    Twelve people arrested at the Pegida demonstration in Antwerp


    According to their official figures, police arrested twelve people on Monday evening for public order offenses and assault. This was during a demonstration by the anti-Islam movement Pegida Vlaanderen. The demonstration had been banned by the mayor Bart de Wever (New Flemish Alliance). In total, 227 people who attended the event at the Hendrik Conscienceplein were identified after having to show their identity card. They will receive an administrative communal sanction. Order was restored by the end of the evening, local police said. The anti-Islam demonstration had been planned for a long time, but had been banned by the Antwerp mayor last week. This was due to the high threat level in the country and possible conflict with counter-demonstrators.

    Contrary to a few weeks ago, Pegida Vlaanderen demonstrated anyway, a calm non-mobile demonstration.

    There were still numerous police present to avoid the situation degenerating. 

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)