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    Flanders builds containers for seniors to put in gardens


    Taking care of your aging parents or grand-parents could soon be done from your garden, according to a project currently being developed in Flanders. The plan is to build containers in people’s gardens that seniors can live in. Several partners are working on the construction of one. They can be moved and will be fully equipped. It will allow people to stay out of retirement homes longer, the project told the Het Nieuwsblad on Tuesday. Flanders is currently dealing with long waiting lists for healthcare. This flexible homing project might provide a solution to the problem. The North of the country has therefore decided to invest several thousand euros in it.

    A temporary solution, these containers are individually equipped according to the person’s needs and requirements. They can be placed in or removed from the garden in a day. They can be rented or bought.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)