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    More than half of the Walloon communes tax GSM pylons


    Around 120 Walloon communes have already decided to apply an additional regional tax on pylons operated by mobile phone providers for their networks to the year 2014. This is according to information in L’Echo on Friday. It may be up as much as 16,000 euros per pylon. Over the last few weeks, Base, Proximus and Mobistar have been affected, and every day another commune decides to claim what they’re owed. It is difficult to estimate the financial impact for the operators, as the amounts differ from commune to commune, and there is uncertainty around the correct way to apply the law.

    When operators share a site, but none of them are the owner, all the bills are always  sent to Base, without explication.

    Base, Proximus, and Mobistar hope to appeal at the Constitutional court. They have launched an appeal, along with the Belgian state. They hope their appeal will be granted, or to strike a deal.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)