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    The Tihange 3 reactor stopped for its 10 year check-up


    The reactor Tihange 3 was stopped on Tuesday morning for its 10 year check-up, Serge Dauby, the spokesman for the plant, announced. In October, Electrabel decided to change the time-frame for Tihange 3’s check-up. A 10 day pause during the Christmas holidays allowed them to delay the maintenance planned for the end of March by 10 days, “which would mean it could continue until the end of Winter”, Electrabel said.

    “We reduced the production little by little on Monday evening, before disconnecting from the network at the beginning of the night”, Serge Dauby, the spokesman for the plant, said on Tuesday evening.

    It is a 10 year check-up. It will take until the 12th of May.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)