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    More than 700 savers scammed out of 250 million euros


    More than 700 Belgian savers have lost a total of 250 million euros, after investing their savings in a life-insurance scheme. They were hoping to get a high return on their investment. In reality, they never got a centime back, the Het Laaste Nieuws said on Tuesday. The investigation started 4 years ago, in a small insurance office in Campine. This office offered them products that promised a high return. Savers invested their money in the scheme, but got nothing back. It turned out those behind this scam were part of an organised criminal gang, made up of people from Switzerland, Luxemburg, and Belgium.

    The Turnhout Prosecutor’s office wants to put around a dozen suspects on trial, between now and the end of the year if possible.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)