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    The tax department hunts fraudsters on property sites


    The Special Tax Inspection department (ISI) will use property sites such as Immoweb, Zimmo and ImmoVlan to catch those not paying registry fees, as well as undeclared estate agents, L’Echo said on Tuesday. For this mission, the government has decided to provide ISI with a hundred extra people. Around half a billion euros will be invested in the extension of the Belgian Internet Service Center (Bisc), the ISI unit that deals with internet fraud.

    The Bisc will check the main property sites to check for fraud, L’Echo explains. Bisc will also look at popular online sales sites, like eBay.

    “We want to fight against fraud by individuals using online sales sites”, says the cabinet of Elke Sleurs, State Secretary for the fight against fraud. “These people have to register as professionals and pay their taxes”.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)