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    More and more customers not using their restaurant bookings


    Around 7% of restaurant bookings are not used, according to a study by the Neutral Union for Independents (SNI). The study, published on Sunday, looked at 600 establishments. Only a quarter of customers that cannot use their booking let the establishment know, the study shows. According to the SNI, 7 restaurants in 10 have had been faced with reserved tables not being used. This means less income. “This is why more and more restaurants are taking precautions”, says the SNI. “Now, one in five restaurants sends a reminder. Around 3% of establishments even ask for a deposit when they take the booking”, says the SNI president Christine Mattheeuws.

    “However, the majority of restaurants don’t have this sort of procedure in place”, she adds.

    The previous SNI study showed that in 2013, 5% of reservations were not used. Two years later, it’s gone up to 7%

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)