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    Barbara Gandolfi gets suspended 2-month jail sentence


    Barbara Gandolfi has been given a 2-month suspended sentence for libel by the Bruges criminal court. Her former husband and business partner, Frédéric Vanderwilt, was handed a 4-month jail sentence and a 1,275-euro fine. The 2 defendants had called for their acquittal. The Bruges prosecutor has been investigating the sector of nightclub owners in the area for several years. Several raids took place at the home of the defendants as part of this investigation in July 2009. The case regarding alleged financial fraud is still pending.

    Barbara Gandolfi and her former husband lodged a complaint against 2 investigators from the federal police in Bruges in 2010, accusing them of, amongst other things, attempted forgery. The policemen then filed their own complaint for libel in December 2013. The council chamber decided to send B. Gandolfi and F. Vanderwilt in front of the criminal court last October.

    Jean-Paul Belmondo, a former boyfriend of Barbara Gandolfi’s, was also heard during the investigation.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)