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    Rapid electric bikes will need a number plate


    Every person that owns an electric bike that can reach more than 25km/h will soon have to register it, and have a number plate and insurance. This information appeared in the Wednesday editions of Het Laaste Nieuws and De Morgen. They were quoting a statement by the Mobility SPF. Since March 2014, people who purchase “rapid electric bikes” must get a number plate and insurance. This is due to a European rule that considers this kind of bike to be a motorised bike.

    People who bought their bike before March 2014 will not need to register it. The Mobility SPF plans to change that. A date will be fixed soon so owners can make their bikes legal as soon as possible.

    “A cyclist that causes an accident can usually rely on their family insurance. A rapid electric bike is not covered by this type of insurance”, explains Joni June from the mobility organisation VAB.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)