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    Real estate: large villas biggest losers in 2015


    The price of villas is set to continue dropping in Belgium in 2015, where they are expected to lose 1.7%. The price of flats is expected to rise by a meagre 0.7%, while house prices should remain stable (-0.1%). According to a L’Echo survey of a panel of 15 experts, for the country as a whole, real estate prices are expected to rise by 0.7% this year.  Prices in Wallonia and Flanders should remain stable. Brussels is likely to stand out with a 1.2% increase on house prices and 1.4% on flats. According to L’Echo, the most popular cities for real estate investment are:  Leuven, Brussels, Antwerp and Mechelen. The only Walloon town in experts’ “top 10” places to invest in real estate, is Liège, holding 6th place.

    The reform of the ‘housing bonus’ in Flanders was largely offset by falling rates and so has had minimal impact on prices, indicates L’Echo.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)