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    Insufficient data when buying used car


    The inspection required for used cars is mandatory but gives insufficient information about possible future problems which the buyer could face, reveals VAB, an automobile club, on Wednesday. A study published by the EU in October 2014 showed that in Belgium, 40% of used cars ran into problems in the first year after they changed hands. VAB decided to investigate these disappointing figures and eventually found the cause to be the way the used car inspection takes place.

    According to VAB, the inspection is merely a visual check and the vehicle is therefore not sufficiently checked. The automobile club is requesting “an in-depth inspection allowing the buyer of a used car to perfectly understand the problems he may face.”  VAB is also calling for better customer protection. According to them, a better inspection and more information can only benefit the used car market.

    The club also points out that buyers can check some elements themselves, such as the presence of a first aid kit, a warning triangle, a spare tyre, a fuel cap, and a fire extinguisher.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)