Teenager killed by metro in Molenbeek – case postponed to September
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    Teenager killed by metro in Molenbeek – case postponed to September

    The Brussels council chamber will wait till September to examine the case of Soulaïmane Jamili Archich, a 15-year-old boy who died on February 21st, 2014. The teenager deceased in the Osseghem metro station after being hit by a train. According to the Brussels prosecutor, everything points to suicide. The victim’s family disagrees and filed a complaint and criminal indemnification proceedings for involuntary homicide in May 2014. According to the family, the young man panicked after being treated like a criminal during a police check. Soulaïmane Jamili was at the metro station with 2 friends, a boy and a girl, on February 21st, 2014. When one of their bags fell on the tracks, the 3 tried to retrieve it themselves. They were stopped by security personnel working for STIB. As Soulaïmane did not have his identification papers on him, a railway police team took over.

    During the check, it turned out the young woman was carrying a knife. She was then taken to the police station. Soulaïmane and his friend were interrogated on site and then released. Soulaïmane, who was the last to leave, then ran on the tracks as a metro was arriving.  A policeman tried in vain to catch him.

    The prosecutor ruled it was suicide, but the family does not believe this interpretation. He is described as “a happy, care-free boy” and the family accuses the STIB security service and the railway police of being responsible.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)