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    April unusually sunny this year


    April 2015 has gone down in Belgian climate history as being an “exceptionally” sunny month of April, according to the monthly report by the RMI (Royal Meteorological Institute) on Monday. We saw a total of 228 hours and 23 minutes’ sunshine last month compared to the usually 158 hours and 58 minutes. April 2015’s long hours of sunshine can only be expected to happen once every 30 years.
     The record for a month of April dates back to 2007 where we basked in 301 hours and 2 minutes of sunshine. Climate-wise, April 2015 was also an exceptional month for atmospheric pressure, with 1021.3 hectopascals (hPa),not far off the 1997 record of 1021.5 hectopascals.

    Relative humidity was also “very unusually” low for the time of year; only 65% humidity compared to the 73% norm. Relatively dry air, high pressure and sunshine by the bucket marked April 2015. Rainfall, wind and temperatures were, however, quite normal for April.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)