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    Jambon fears a confrontation between biker gangs


    “With the current situation in the Netherlands, we do not exclude the possibility of a serious confrontation between biker gangs in the near future”. “If there is a confrontation between the different rival biker gangs in the Netherlands, there will be repercussions in Belgium”, says the Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon (New Flemish Alliance). He was answering a written question from MP Eric Thiébault (PS), which La Libre Belgique reported on in its Wednesday edition. “During 2014, there were revenge attacks in the heart of Europe: in Amsterdam, Sittard, Möchenglad-bach, Cologne, Siegen, Frankfurt, and Hasselt here in Belgium”, said MP Philippe Goffin (Reformist Movement).

    Jan Jambon doesn’t want to over-dramatize the situation. “At this time, even though Belgium is also seeing an increase in criminal biker gangs, we are not seeing an increase in confrontations”, he said.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)