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    Elephant cub born last week in Pairi Daiza named Nang Faa


    The female elephant cub born in Pairi Daiza on May 20th will be called Nang Faa, which means “angel” in Thai, revealed a press release from the animal park on Wednesday. Pairi Daiza launched an appeal to vote for names for this new resident, and 20,436 people took part. 5 names previously chosen by elephant carers were suggested to the public. Some of those taking part wanted to give this name to the cub, in tribute to the cub called Q who died in Planckendael on the day Nang Faa was born.

    “The cub is doing well and is in good health. She weighs almost 90 kilos, so she has put on 5 kilos in one week. She’s drinking well, has an exemplary mother to take care of her, is also sleeping well, learning to sleep lying down…and standing up,” added the press release.

    Nang Faa’s little sister Amithi is somewhat jealous of her. “She rarely leaves her mother Farina and can run fast if she suddenly realises Farina has walked 10 metres away without her.”

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)