“I’m not your Mum, but”: a new anti-alcohol campaign aimed at young people
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    “I’m not your Mum, but”: a new anti-alcohol campaign aimed at young people

    The Walloon Agency for Road Safety (AWSR) launched a new campaign on Wednesday. This campaign is aimed at young drivers, to remind them that driving and alcohol don’t mix. Under the slogan “I’m not your Mum but… If you’re drinking, you’re not driving!”, (Chuis pas ta mère, mais….) the campaign will spread its message by using various outlets during the summer. The AWSR says young drivers are involved in 20% of accidents in which people are injured, according to figures from 2014. Despite a positive change in the figures over the last few years (in 2010, young people were involved in 32% of accidents in which people were injured), a young male driver is considered to be five times more likely to have a serious accident than a driver aged between 32 and 64. A young woman is considered 3 times more likely.

    The AWSR teams will be present at a series of events often attended by young people this summer (festivals, apéros…). They will ask young people to test glasses that reproduce the effects of alcohol.

    An advert will also be shown in large cinema complexes in Wallonia, until the 22nd of July. It will also be spread via social media throughout the summer.

    A false Facebook post generator has also been created. It lets people tag a friend who found themselves in an absurd and surreal situation after drinking alcohol. The generator as well as all the other elements can be found on chuispastamère.be.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)