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    Postmen will soon ride three-wheeled electric scooters


    Postmen’s mopeds will soon disappear en masse. Bpost will replace them with three-wheeled electric scooters, the Mediahuis papers reported on Thursday. Bpost also wants to hand out scooters with trailers, to replace vans. “We have been doing tests for a while, and our postmen like the scooters”, a Bpost spokesman said. “These scooters are more stable and easier to park than mopeds. The post round can be done in one go, which is not currently possible”. The scooters are also more ecological than mopeds.

    Bpost will launch a large tender this year, the Public Company Minister Alexander De Croo has revealed.

    These three-wheeled scooters are more expensive to buy, but give a better return.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)