New awareness campaign for safety distances on Walloon roads
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    New awareness campaign for safety distances on Walloon roads

    Maxime Prevot, Walloon Minister of Public Works and Road Safety, launched with AWSR (Walloon Agency for Road Safety) a new awareness-raising campaign on respecting safety distances on Monday. With the slogan: “Not too close, please!” this campaign aims to remind drivers to keep their distances on Walloon roads and motorways; excessive or unsuitable speed plays a part in approximately 30% of fatal accidents, points out the Minister. According to him, car drivers are worse at respecting safety distances than lorry drivers. In fact 41% of car drivers do not respect safety distances, in comparison to 19% of lorry drivers. But the faster you drive, the longer your stopping distance, and the more important it is to respect safety distances.

    On a motorway (at 120km/hr) the recommended safety distance is at least 67 meters between vehicles which represents the distance travelled in 2 seconds.

    Wallonia aims to bring the number of its road victims down to 200 by 2020. “Respecting safety distances is essential and can reduce the number of family tragedies and limit the consequences of accidents,” maintains Prévot.

    Posters along the main Walloon highways will be in place throughout August and advice is available on the AWSR website to help drivers work out their ideal safety distance.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)