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    Around twenty traveler caravans have been pitched at Baudour

    Around 20 of the 200 traveler caravans that left Mons on Sunday have pitched at Baudour (Saint Ghislain). They will have to leave on Wednesday at 10am. Some of the 200 caravans that left the IDEA site in Mons on Sunday didn’t move very far. Around 20 of them have been pitched along the Nimy-Blaton canal in Baudour. The Saint-Ghislain mayor immediately submitted an order which forces them to move within 72 hours. “They arrived on Sunday”, said Daniel Olivier, the mayor of Saint-Ghislain. “They will have to leave on Wednesday at 10am. If they don’t, the police will have to be brought in. They are pitched on an area where a Fluxys gas conduit passes through. We got a letter from the company in 2014, which warned of the dangers if travelers pitched there. We are asking them to move for security reasons, although they seem to want to stay longer”.

    When they pitched in Mons on the 21st of July, the travelers asked to stay until the 23rd of August. Mons authorities refused. They are on their way to the big “Life and Light” assembly, which will take place on the Grostenquin air base in Moselle, France, at the end of August. Around 30,000 people are expected to attend.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)