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    An iguana found in a private garden in Flobecq


    A Flobecq home owner found a metre long iguana that didn’t belong to them in their garden on Tuesday afternoon. A NDA team from the Tournai fire department rushed to the scene.  

    A resident in rue Blanc Moulin in Flobecq, between Lessines and Renaix, made a strange and surprising discovery. They came face to face with an iguana in their garden, late on Tuesday afternoon.

    The lizard, which is native to Tropical America, was a metre long. The emergency services were soon alerted to the animal’s unexpected appearance, and a Lessines fire department service rushed to the scene. A team of Tournai firefighters, specialised in NDAs (New Domestic Animals), was also sent to the house at around 5pm.

    Although it is a herbivore, the iguana is considered a dangerous animal. After it was captured, it was taken to a refuge. It is still not known where it came from.  

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)