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    Queen Mathilde attends vaccine congress


    Queen Mathilde attended a meeting of dozens of European vaccine experts in Wilrijk on Wednesday. They discussed making vaccination available to all, focussing in particular on asylum seekers.

    Vaccination against measles or polio only succeed if enough people are immunised, as illnesses cannot be transmitted as easily when more people are protected. Dozens of experts will speak over the 3 days of the congress initiated by the European section of the WHO and Antwerp University.

    The level of vaccination hinges on its availability – in particular its price – which must be as wide as possible. Another point made is that people’s fears when it comes to vaccines must be heard and addressed.

    Reaching certain target groups (adults, teenagers, migrants from countries with very different heath infrastructures) is also a priority, and the current migrant crisis was mentioned. The queen listened carefully to speakers and later spoke with several.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)