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    Freelancers lose out in the tax shift


    Freelancers, company directors and liberal professionals will get a tax break of no more than 16 euros a month, according to an analysis published in De Tijd and L’Echo on Saturday.

    People in these professional categories will benefit from only one of the three measures the government has introduced to increase worker’s net salaries: getting rid of the 30% tax rate.

    “It’s not the best tariff, as it particularly penalizes those who have children”, explains Karel Van Eetvelt, delegate administrator for Unizo. Unizo represents freelancers and small and medium business in Flanders. “The maximum tax break you can hope for, following the recent changes, is 16 euros a month. This is significantly reduced or disappears completely if you have no children living at home”.

    The two other measures aimed at increasing net salaries are an increase in fixed costs, and a work bonus. The figures from the Finance SPF show that the fixed cost increase does not benefit the 600,000 tax payers concerned at all, as they declare actual costs.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)