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    Prince Laurent’s companies in the red


    The companies Cerbux Invest and Rec Arlon 67, created by Prince Laurent, are in the red. Their board of directors, which Princess Claire is on, has raised the alarm. It speaks of an anticipated recapitalisation of three million euros between now and September 30th, the Sudpresse newspapers report on Tuesday.

    In all, the losses accumulated by Cerbux Invest since its creation have exceeded two million euros, to reach the present figure of 2,089,068.93 euros. “Once again, we could say that Laurent’s company is potentially insolvent,” analyses Thierry Debels, an expert in the art of interpreting royalty’s balance sheets.

    As regards Rec Arlon 67, the 2014 loss is 96,181 euros to be added to the 963,926 euros accumulated from previous years.   

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)