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    Molenbeek refugee camp dismantled


    The camp migrants had set up on Molenbeek’s Rue du Rectangle was completely dismantled on Wednesday evening, reports Victor Gamarra, spokesperson for the crisis unit, on Thursday. Local police warned on Tuesday that migrants had no official authorisation to settle there. The camp, made up of a few dozen tents, was gradually cleared. The last campers left on Wednesday evening. Most of the undocumented migrants as well as the approximately 10 Iraqis who did not meet Immigration Office criteria to be recognised as refugees were resettled in squats.

    The refugees will meet on Friday. They want to organise hot-meals for refugees who have just arrived and are not yet allowed in the WTC III building, especially at the weekends. “Undocumented migrants are trying to regroup somewhere to have a political impact,” explains Abdelhak Ziani, spokesperson from Collectactif, a group in charge of soup kitchens at the Parc Maximilien camp. “Parc Maximilien was a revelation and showed us how precarious life is in Brussels and what citizens can do in this situation.”

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)