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    Eco-tax: tackle other sources of pollution as well


    Céline Frémault, Brussels Minister for the Environment, is pleading for an eco-tax system for vehicles to eventually limit access to the city for polluting cars. Touring is in favour of what it sees as a good idea but wonders what real impact such a measure would have on the environment, pointed out Lorenzo Stefani to Belga press agency on Friday.

    The automobile association thinks the measure will have a positive impact on the environment only if other sources of urban pollution are tackled as well, including one of the most polluting, residential heating, highlights Touring’s spokesperson, whilst criticising the authorities’ incoherence due in particular to the dilution of responsibilities.

    Each year, air pollution in Belgium causes 3,000-4,000 premature deaths and costs 10-30 billion euros, highlights the Le Soir newspaper on Friday.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)