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    Warmest 1st November on record and coldest October since 2003


    This Sunday 1st November was the warmest on record since temperature measurements began, with the thermometer peaking at 20.8 degrees Celsius in Uccle. The previous record was 1st November last year with 20 degrees, David Dehenauw, the weather expert from the IRM (the Royal Meteorological Institute), stated.

    The IRM also published its monthly climate review for October 2015. It shows that last month was the coldest October since 2003, with an average temperature of 10.2 degrees Celsius, compared to the normal monthly average of 11.1 degrees Celsius.

    “During October we had a very cold week during which several records were broken,” stresses the meteorologist.

    Rainfall was 40.9mm, exceptionally low compared to the average 74.5mm usually recorded in October. October was also marked by prevailing north-north-easterly winds, compared to the prevailing south-south-westerly winds usually seen at this time of year.

    Finally, the monthly hours of sunshine totalled 106 hours and 10 minutes, corresponding to seasonal norms (112 hours and 38 minutes).

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)