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    Federal police to buy 3 high-tech drones


    The federal police force is researching the possibility of buying 3 high-tech drones for its special units and for its forensics teams. The technical specifications they have established mention “state aircrafts” which means they would not be included in the draft law in preparation on remote-controlled aircrafts.

    The federal government made 40 million Euros available to support the fight against terrorism and radicalisation at the end of June. Buying a drone for the Brussels federal police was already hinted at then. The recently published technical specifications mention 3 remote controlled aerial vehicles.

    Special units would be allocated 2 drones to help with covert operations during criminal investigations into organised crime. Drones must be able to operate “in almost any weather” and be as quiet as possible for use in surveillance activities “in and out of cities”. They must be equipped with cameras which can film in daylight or at night, in close-up or at a distance. Data needs to be encrypted and sent to the drone operator in real time. A third drone will be allocated to the forensics department.

    The police force says DGTA (Belgian Civil Aviation Authority) will register the drones bought as “state aircrafts which means they will not be considered remote-controlled aircrafts as described by the upcoming royal decree.”

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)