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    Elke Sleurs demands 300,000 euros from Alain Hubert


    The Scientific State Secretary, Elke Sleurs (New Flemish Aliance), has introduced an action to claim 300,000 euros from the explorer Alain Hubert. He didn’t give back the equipment he obtained when he illegally went to the Princess Elizabeth polar station before the team sent by Scientific department, the Mediahuis papers said on Saturday.

    “Twenty percent of the equipment taken has not been given back”, said Mrs Sleurs. The equipment concerned is a crane, a Caterpillar digger, GPS equipment, a generator, petrol, tools and food.

    “The equipment has been handed back much too late”, said Elke Sleurs.

    The justice department banned the IPF and its president Alain Hubert from going to the Princess Elizabeth station, in a judgement dated the 21st of October, otherwise they will be penalised. Despite this, members of the IPF went there a few hours before the Belgian team arrived, and took sleds, survival equipment, two bulldozers, a crane, two vehicles and tools. They retuned some of them.

    Despite the ban, Alain Hubert went to the station once, saying it was due to bad climate conditions.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)