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    Terrorist Threat: ”Recruiters still active in Antwerp”


    Youths get approahced in Antwerp’s public spaces by people glorifying the war in Syria who try to incite them to go and join to fight, explains Antwerp’s imam Sulayman Van Ael on the basis of discussions that he has had with young Antwerp youth. According to the imam, recruiters have learnt the lessons from the arrest of the Sharia4Belgium leader. “they now try to stay away from the general public and do everything to not draw big attention. A minority of the young are still getting influenced by them”.

    For the president of the temporary Parliamentary commission on the “fight against terrorism”, Koen Metsu (N-VA), it is important to detect the symptoms of radicalisation as early as possible.

    This calls for the establishment of a point of contact for youths and family members to come to for help on how to deal with radicalisation. It is planned to be operational in the Flemish region by the beginning of 2016, according to the Flemish minister of public health, Jo Vandeurzen (CD&V). 

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)