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    Bob campaign: police to undertake minimum number of checks


    The new Bob campaign (annual drink-driving awareness-raising campaign), which is running from November 27th to January 25th this year, has an ambitious goal of 250,000 breathalyser tests on our roads. Police officers have been given a quota of 15 alcohol tests per patrol in order to reach the objective, reveals daily la Dernière Heure on Sunday. Police unions are furious.

    According to an internal memo obtained by the paper, each patrol will need to breathalyse “fifteen drivers per shift” and to report daily to their superiors.

    Vincent Gilles, President of SLFP Police union, condemns a misappropriation of the Bob campaign message. “The idea of quotas comes from hypocritical politicians asking the police force to undertake over two million alcohol tests per year without giving us the means to”, he regrets. 

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)