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    Positive trade balance in Belgium in November


    The Belgian trade balance showed a surplus of 0.4 billion euros in November; exports were projected at 20.3 billion euros against 19.9 billion for imports, reveal first estimations by the National Bank. At the same time, October’s trade balance showed a surplus of 0.5 billion euros, a hike of 0.5 billlion compared to the same month last year. Export and import levels reached 20.7 billion and 20.2 billion euros respectively in October, an annual decrease of 5% for imports and 7.3% for imports.

    Cumulative figures since January 2015 show that total volumes reach 196.9 billion for exports and 198.5 billion for imports. The balance over ten months is -1.6 billion euros, a rise of 3.0 billion compared to the same period last year, explains BNB.


    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)