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    Budget check – SMEs will be happy”, says the UCM


    On Saturday, the Union of Middle Classes (UCM) says its “voice had been heard” by the federal government, during the work on the budget adjustment that has just finished. “SMEs will be happy”, he said.

    “Although not everything has been fully worked out yet, the government has taken the TPE/SMEs requests concerning training efforts into account, as well as those concerning managing absenteeism”, the UCM said in a press release. It also spoke of the improvement in work flexibility. “Work hours will become yearly, with no exceptions, from the 1st January 2017. This increased flexibility will make businesses more competitive, in particular SMEs”, the UCM said. They also talked about “the importance of simplifying and reducing Isoc tax (gradually reducing deductions for interest), to reduce tax engineering that SMEs don’t have access to”.

    The government is also looking at collaborative economy. “The UCM will make sure the system set up does not make the existing status system more complex, or damage the principle of unfair competition”, the UCM said. They also complimented the measures put in place to help SMEs affected by the consequences of the 22nd of March attacks.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)