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    Future Database: preachers of hatred

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Five federal ministers are joining forces in the fight against preachers of hatred. They are, in particular, putting in place a database to assist in hunting for or putting off trouble-makers. This is reported in Het Laatste Nieuws and De Morgen today (Tuesday).

    Since the arrival of Sharia4Belgium, various intelligence and police services have been actively fighting against preachers of hatred. However, the intelligence is often dispersed at several levels and places. It is therefore possible for some figures to fall through the cracks.

    By means of a joint circular, the Minister for the Interior (Jan Jambon, New Flemish Alliance), the Justice Minister (Koen Geens, Flemish Christian Democrats), the Minister for Foreign Affairs (Didier Reynders, Liberal/Conservatives), the Minister for Defence (Steven Vandeput, New Flemish Alliance) and the Minister for Migration (Theo Francken, New Flemish Alliance) have opted for a coordinated approach.

    The view of the five ministers is, “There is a flow of information between communes and local police services, the federal police, the various branches of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, l’OCAM (the organization for terrorist threat coordination), the intelligence services, such as the SGRS (Belgium’s general intelligence and security service) and state security, the departments for Immigration, Foreign Affairs and other departments and organizations.”

    “OCAM is coordinating the fight through a central preachers of hatred database. This is based upon its own intelligence and that of other intelligence services,” Theo Francken explains.

    He goes on, “Nowadays, we only know in hindsight when preachers of hatred incite crowds in Muslim gatherings in our country. With a database, we are able to intervene preventively and refuse a visa.”

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)