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    Slight hike in second-quarter inflation in Belgium

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    Inflation takes a little hike!
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    Total inflation in Belgium slightly increased in the second quarter of 2016. This was essentially due to the rocketing electricity inflation. This emerges today (Monday) from the state-run l’Observatoire des Prix (Belgium’s price tracker). Inflation thus saw a slight increase to an average of 1.6%, compared to 1.5% in the previous quarter.

    Price contractions year-on-year for energy commodities fell by an average of 2.9%, in the second quarter. For fuel oils and heating fuel, the average fall was respectively -10,2% and -26%, owing to the fall in the oil price. Consumer prices for natural gas equally decreased by 14.5%.

    Electricity consumer prices spiked by 40.6% in the second quarter year-on-year. The high inflation has occurred as a result of the increase in VAT from 6% to 21%, since September 2015, being part of the tax shift and increase in network tariffs. More specifically distribution tariffs have increased by 10.3% over the course of the last quarter.

    Overall inflation in the main neighbouring countries (Germany, France and the Netherlands) was at 0% in the second quarter, l’Observatoire notes.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times