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    Olympic Games 2016 – Kirsten Flipkens already in training

    © Belga
    Kirsten Flipkens - forever an optimist and a realist.
    © Belga

    Arriving on Monday evening in Rio, after a long flight from Brussels, Kirsten Flipkens wasted no time getting down to business, with her racket in hand yesterday (Tuesday), at the end of the morning. She was accompanied by Yanina Wickmayer.

    “This was not too challenging for me as I slept well from midnight through to 7 p.m.” stated the Campinoise who is on a jouney of discovery, as she goes into her first Olympic Games at aged 30.

    She went on, “Physically, I have a little neck pain, but this is normal after such a journey lasting nearly 24 hours. Otherwise, both physically and mentally, I am fine. I recover quickly from jetlag so I’m not worried.”

    The Belgian tennis player who is seeded second in Belgium, and ranked 62nd in the world, has now discovered her first Olympic village. “We ran for around half an hour in the village. We found the restaurant and the fitness room. It was fantastic. There is loads to see.”

    “In terms of my competitive form, I have not played since Wimbledon, so we’ll see. I have trained hard for the last few weeks and there are still five days before my first match. I appreciate that my efforts are not entirely staring you in the face owing to today’s strong wind. Maybe, come the afternoon it will subside somewhat.”

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times