“We find nothing punishable by law in the Tomorrowland video”
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    “We find nothing punishable by law in the Tomorrowland video”

    © Belga
    The FPS Interior is to take no legal action over the video.
    © Belga

    The FPS Interior has no intention of taking legal action following the posting online yesterday (Thursday) of a video.
    The video shows how two Dutch individuals successfully got away with getting into the Tomorrowland festival for free. They were disguised as security agents. The federal public service is asserting, “We find nothing punishable by law.”

    In their short film, the Dutchmen show how they supposedly imitated security agents to circumvent the festival’s security measures. They wore dark polos with a “V” logo, sunglasses and carried walkie-talkies. The two men filmed how they laid their hands upon security passes and entered the festival site.

    The FPS Interior say that there are no grounds to take legal action against the two Dutchmen.

    “We find nothing punishable by law,” states Ann Cossement, the spokeswoman.

    “They were dressed in polos which looked like those of security agents, whilst not actually being such agents.”

    “Our legislation does enforce strict conditions on security agents. However, on account of the men not carrying out surveillance activities, they did not break the law.”

    Tomorrowland had already made known that it was “annoyed” by this film. “Anyone familiar with the festival environment would both observe several errors in the video and that the youngsters were probably stopped several times,” the organisation emphasised.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times